Privacy Policy for Smart Search & Web Browser

Last modified: December 7, 2023

Your privacy is extremely important to us at Reactive Phone Ltd. (“Reactive Phone”, “we”, or “us”,). At Reactive Phone, we respect and protect the privacy of our customers and those who use our products and services. We have prepared this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to explain how Reactive Phone collects and uses information about users of (the “Website”), the services, features and content offered by Reactive Phone (the “Services”) and any version of the Smart Search & Web Browser provided by Reactive Phone (together with the Website and the Services, the “Application”). By using the Website, Services or Application, you unconditionally consent to and agree to be bound by all of the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not unconditionally agree with all of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, you may not download the Smart Search & Web Browser or use any of the Applications.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any and all changes will be reflected on this page. When we post changes to this Privacy Policy on our Website, we will include the date when the Privacy Policy was last updated. If we make any material changes in the way we use your Personal Information (as defined below), we will notify you through the standard mechanisms by which Reactive Phone communicates with its users, such as Reactive Phone’s “notifications in the app” by posting notice of the changes on our Website. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective upon the earlier of thirty (30) calendar days following our dispatch of a notice to you or thirty (30) calendar days following our posting of notice of the changes on our Website. These changes will be effective immediately for new users of our Website, Services or Application. If you do not wish to permit changes in our use of your Personal Information, you may stop using our Website and the Application.

A Note about Children

Reactive Phone’s products and services are not intended for use by individuals under the age of thirteen (13), and we request that such individuals do not provide Personal Information through our Website, Services or Application.

A Note to Users Outside of the United States. Your Personal Information may be processed in the country in which it was collected and in other countries, including the United States, where laws regarding processing of Personal Information may be less stringent than the laws in your country. You hereby consent to the collection and processing of your Personal Information as stated above.

Types of Information

“Personal Information” is information that you provide to us that personally identifies you, such as your name, phone number or email address. Except as described below, Reactive Phone does not collect or require users of the Website, Services or Application to provide Personal Information.

“Non-Personal Information” is information that cannot be directly associated with a specific person or entity. Non-Personal Information includes but is not limited to your computer’s configuration and the version of Application that you use.

“Potentially Personal Information” is information that is Non-Personal Information in and of itself, but that could be used in conjunction with other information to personally identify you. For example, Uniform Resource Locators (“URLs”) (the addresses of web pages) or Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses (the addresses of computers on the Internet), which are Non-Personal Information in and of themselves, could be Personal Information when combined with Internet service provider (“ISP”) records.

“Aggregate Data” is information that is recorded about users and collected into groups so that it no longer reflects or references an individually identifiable user.

Information the Application Sends to Websites and ISPs

The Application, like other web browsers, sends Non-Personal Information and Potentially Personal Information to the websites you visit when requested by such website. This may include the type of browser you are using, the type of device you are using (desktop or mobile), your language preference, the referring site, and your IP address, as well as unique advertising id (GAD on Android devices and IFA on iOS devices). This information may be logged by the websites you visit and the internet service provider (“ISP”) you use. What information is logged and how that information is used varies based on the policies of each individual website you visit and the ISPs you use.

Each website determines its own privacy practices for the distribution and use of this Non-Personal Information and Potentially Personal Information. If you care about how a website will use this information, you should check the privacy policy for that website.

Information we collect when you use the Application

You do not need to provide any Personal Information in order to download and use the Application. When you download the Application or use the Application, Website or the Services, we receive only standard Non-Personal Information that web browsers typically make available, such as the browser type, language preference, referring site, and the date and time of each visitor request. Reactive Phone’s purpose for collecting Non-Personal Information is to better understand how Reactive Phone’s visitors use the Application. From time to time, Reactive Phone may release Non-Personally Information in the aggregate, e.g., by publishing a report on trends in the usage of its Website.

Reactive Phone has and may from time to time partner with third party service providers (such as search result providers, advertising partners, etc.) to directly integrate or bundle certain features and services into or with the Application, which may or may not include switching default search result providers, in order to make your online experiences more convenient, richer and more personalized. Such third party services providers may collect information, and inform you about what information it collects, in accordance with its own terms of service, privacy policy, and other applicable policies. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you hereby authorize us to pass certain information to such third party service providers. For example, any information you include in a search query will be passed along to the applicable third party search result provider; such information may include Personal Information to the extent that you include any such information in your search query or otherwise provide such information to the third party service provider directly. You acknowledge and agree that Reactive Phone shall have no liability or responsibility for the privacy practices or other actions of any third party site or service or provider that may be used or enabled in the Application, including without limitation, Yahoo or any other search result provider. If you are using a version of the Application enabled with Yahoo search results, we encourage you to review the Yahoo terms of service located at and privacy policy located at in addition to any other relevant terms made available by Yahoo from time to time.

In addition, some Application features/services may send limited additional information to Reactive Phone including:

Search URL:

This is Non-Personal Information. When you type URLs or queries in the address bar, the letters you type are sent to your default search engine, so that the search engine’s autocomplete/prediction feature can automatically recommend terms or URLs you may be looking for. If a default search engine is provided on your version of the Smart Search & Web Browser, then the Application will contact your default search engine when it starts or when you change networks so as to determine the best local address to send search queries. For example, if Yahoo is set as the default search engine, then unless you change this default setting, the Application will contact Yahoo as described herein. When you type URLs or queries in the Application, the letters you type may be sent to the applicable search engine so that the search engine’s prediction feature can automatically recommend terms or URLs you may be looking for, if applicable. If you accept a predicted query or URL, the Application may send that information to the applicable search engine you choose as well. The privacy policies of the third party search engine providers apply with respect to any information you provide to them (including, without limitation, information you provide through the Application). Please review those policies carefully before providing them with any Personal Information.

Crash-Reporting Feature:

This is Non-Personal Information. The Application has a crash-reporting feature that sends a log report to Reactive Phone’s support when the Application crashes. Reactive Phone uses the information in the crash reports to diagnose and correct the problems in the Application that caused the crash. Though this feature starts automatically after the Application crashes, it does not send information to Reactive Phone until you explicitly authorize it to do so. By default, this feature sends a variety of Non-Personal Information to Reactive Phone, including the stack trace (a detailed description of which parts of the Application code were active at the time of the crash), the type of mobile device you are using, and the Application crash frequency data.

Enable Location Feature:

This is Non-Personal Information. This feature remains inoperative until you visit a website that requests your location and you choose to opt in to the feature. If you elect not to use the feature, the Application will not send information about your location to such website. Each time you visit such website, the Application will ask you if you want it to provide the site with your current location. Additionally, you may elect to have the Application remember your choice to allow or not allow the feature for each site. You are able to opt out at any time of having the Application remember your choice, just like any other preference setting. Except as otherwise stated in this Agreement or the applicable third party service provider’s policies, we only permit our third party providers that are acting on our behalf (as opposed to search results providers) to use this information in connection with the service(s) they are providing to us. They are required to ensure that any information collected on our behalf is anonymized and aggregated before they are permitted to use such information to develop new features or products and services, or to improve the overall quality of their products and services. This means that they are required to ensure that your IP address and unique identifier of your Application will be stripped out before being used by any of our third party provider’s other products or features. For more information on how our geolocation services providers use information sent by the Application, please see the privacy policy links in our list of third party service providers. Please carefully consider any website or service provider’s privacy practices before agreeing to share your location.

Access to Data Storage on the device:

The app use this permission in order to provide downloading and saving images and files to your device. Also this permission require to provide feature of setting background image from the Gallery.

Access to the Camera:

The app use this permission in order to provide functionality of QR code scanner built-it in the app.

Access to the Microphone:

The app use this permission in order to provide voice input service.

Access to installing and running apps:

The app use this permission in order to provide data sharing service and launching installed app from the Speed Dial of Smart Search app.

Access to Network (mobile and Wi-Fi):

The app use this permission in order to provide core functionality of the browser – loading content from Web.

Update Service and Push Notification:

This is Potentially Personal Information. This feature periodically checks if a newer version of the Application is released and if a revised set of certain Services, such as “Speed Dial” and “Webzine,” are available. Specifically, this feature checks the package ID, Android ID, location information, and the version of Smart Search & Web Browser on your device. Using this information, Reactive Phone may provide you with a newer version of the Application and recommends novel features.

Active User Tracking:

This is Non-Personal Information. The Application includes functionality to send Reactive Phone completely anonymous user ID (uid) to track the number of active users of the Website, Services and Application. Active User statistics are transmitted help us understand downloads status of the Application. Once sent to Reactive Phone, active statistics are stored in an aggregate format so that it no longer reflects or references an individually identifiable user.

Usage Statistics:

This is Non-Personal Information. The Application includes functionality to send Reactive Phone non-personal usage, performance, and responsiveness statistics about user interface features and hardware configuration. Usage statistics are transmitted help us improve future versions of the Application. Once sent to Reactive Phone, usage statistics are stored in an aggregate format so that it no longer reflects or references an individually identifiable user.

Third-Party Channel:

This is Non-Personal Information. If you download the Application from a link provided by a third-party channel, the first time you launch the Application, it will send your mobile device ID and referrer code to the Application Server. The Application may share the mobile device’s ID with our partners to measure the effects of any ongoing marketing campaigns. No personally identifiable information is transmitted along with these values.

Chat AI access:

This is Non-Personal Information. The app provides access to the neoronet ChatGPT using OpenAI API. By using Chat AI within the app you agree with the following Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Other Information We Collect

Reactive Phone may collect Personal Information about you, but only if you voluntarily provide it to us. The types of Personal Information collected will vary depending on the activity. The requested information may include: your name or e-mail.

Use of Cookies

Reactive Phone may use cookies on its Website. A “cookie” is a small bit of record-keeping information that sites often store on a user’s computer. Cookies do not include individual’s names, email addresses, or other information that is personally identifiable; they are typically used to quickly identify a user’s computer and to “remember” things about the user’s visit. By default, the activities of storing and sending cookies are invisible to you. However, you can disable cookies or set your browser to alert you when cookies are being sent to your computer.

(a) Information You Provide to Us.

We may collect Personal Information from you, such as your first and last name, gender, and e-mail address when you access certain Services offered via the Application. If you provide us feedback or contact us via e-mail, we will collect your name and e-mail address, as well as any other content included in the e-mail, in order to send you a reply. When you participate in one of our surveys, we may collect additional profile information. We also collect other types of Personal Information that you provide to us voluntarily, such as your operating system and version, product registration number, and other requested information if you contact us via e-mail regarding support for the Application.

(b) Information Collected via Technology.

To make the Application more useful to you, our servers (which may be hosted by a third party service provider) may collect information from you, including your browser type, operating system, IP address, domain name, advertising ID like GAD on Android devices, IFA on iOS devices, and/or a date/time stamp for your visit.

We use the following third-party SDK in the app to provide the best user experience and make the app better:
– AppsFlyerFramework, for tracking app installs using marketing campaigns,
– Crashlytics, for getting information about crashes of the app,
– Fabric, for getting statistics information about number of users and usage of the app,
– FBSDKCoreKit, for providing fast login to Facebook within the browser,
– FBSDKShareKit, for smart links to Facebook from the browser,
– Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK, for showing ads within the app,
– TwitterKit, for providing fast login and sharing option to Twitter,
– VK-ios-sdk, for providing fast login and sharing option to VKontakte,
– YandexMobileMetrica, for getting analytic data of usage of the app,
– YandexMobileMetricaPush, to provide push notifications feature,
– YandexSpeechKit, to provide voice input and recognition feature.

We also use cookies and URL information to gather information regarding the date and time of your visit and the information for which you searched and which you viewed. We may use both session cookies (which expire once you close your web browser) and persistent cookies (which stay on your computer until you delete them) to provide you with a more personal and interactive experience on the Application. Persistent cookies can be removed by following Internet browser help file directions.

(c) Information Collected from Third Party Companies.

We may receive Personal and/or Non-Personal Information about you from third party companies that provide the Application by way of a co-branded or private-labeled website, or third party companies that offer their products and/or services on the Application. These third party companies may supply us with Personal Information. We may add this information to the information we have already collected from you via the Application in order to improve the Application.

Use of Information Received

General Use. In general, Personal Information you submit to us is used either to respond to requests that you make, or to aid us in serving you better. We use your Personal Information in the following ways:

- identify you as a user in our system;
- provide improved administration of the Application;
- improve the quality of experience when you interact with the Application;
- send you administrative e-mail notifications, such as security or support and maintenance advisories;
- respond to your inquiries related to employment opportunities or other requests;
- for editorial and feedback purposes;
- for statistical analyses of our users’ behavior;
- for product development and content improvement; and
- to send newsletters, surveys, offers, and other promotional materials related to the Application and for other marketing purposes of Reactive Phone and its third party partners.

Creation of Anonymous Data.

We may create Anonymous Data records from Personal Information by excluding information (such as your name) that makes the data personally identifiable to you. We use this Anonymous Data to analyze request and usage patterns so that we may enhance the content of the Application and improve Website navigation. Reactive Phone reserves the right to use Anonymous Data for any purpose and disclose Anonymous Data to third parties in its sole discretion.

Disclosure of Information Received

Reactive Phone generally does not sell or rent your Personal Information with other companies as a matter of policy. However, we may disclose your Personal Information as described below and as described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Service Providers. We may share your Personal Information with third-party service providers to: provide you with the services that we offer you through the Application; to conduct quality assurance testing; to facilitate creation of accounts; to provide technical support; and/or to provide other services. These third party service providers are required not to use your Personal Information other than to provide the services requested by Reactive Phone.

Other Disclosures. Regardless of any choices you make regarding your Personal Information (as described herein), Reactive Phone may disclose Personal Information if it believes in good faith that such disclosure is necessary (a) in connection with any legal investigation; (b) to comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on Reactive Phone; (c) to protect or defend the rights or property of Reactive Phone or users of the Services or the Application; and/or (d) to investigate or assist in preventing any violation or potential violation of the law, this Privacy Policy

If you have any questions regarding the management and use of personal information, please contact us at the address

Security of Information Received

Reactive Phone is committed to protecting the security of your Personal Information. We use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Reactive Phone has strict restrictions on access to user data. Only a limited number of Reactive Phone employees have access. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, while Reactive Phone uses reasonable efforts to protect your Personal Information, Reactive Phone cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Contact Information

Reactive Phone welcomes your comments or questions regarding this Privacy Policy. Please e-mail us at